This weekend has been amazing. Apart from realizing that the similarity between mums and boyfriends is sometimes you would kill for them and at times you would kill them and confusing the west African Nigerians and Ghanaians for the hundredth time, I have been collecting numbers from the team mafisi (hyenas).

The little job I have been working on involves getting feedback from consumers about their experience of using Sensodyne, some toothpaste and also telling them bout it if they haven’t.
Friday morning.
I am freezing and in a white dress that is supposed to be uniform

. I am fixed between a girl who wants to push sales for Sardine fish. That’s when we realize that it is only guys who will immediately ask for numbers that are approaching us. Effort to talk about the product is met by impatience.
It is then that an Indian decides to pinpoint my breasts and I have to take a step back.

He says ‘ naona matiti imesimama ninety degrees’.
I immediately take a break. You really don’t want to know what that means.

Noisy uncultured Nigerians get in and I still have to talk to them.
‘ I came from the States recently. I don’t know my Kenyan number offhead’.
I literally bite my tongue to keep from saying
‘ dude, I didn’t ask. Give whatever number and get rolling’.
I didn’t bite my tongue for long though. He was sweet enough to ask for my number.

I ate Chinese for the weekend thanks to the kind chef in the hotel upstairs. I don’t know why but he thought I deserve the treat even after handling people a bit unnicely if there is such a word.
My list of signatories was low today because all team mafisi was watching whatever game and gambling. But all in all, it was a great one.
Have a great week ahead.

always winnie