Today I was a bit depressed. With my birthday coming up on early next month, am usually a bit happy. I get home and all I want is to be alone and be sad with myself.
I am doing a bit of cleaning as an excuse not to talk with music on when my phone rings and guess who!!!
My small sister.. Not like blood sister but this girl I met when I visited a Girls’ rescue center. She was darn brave considering she was gotten into Kenya by a good friend to avoid early marriage. My spirits soar up. I also feel a bit emotional now that it has been like a  month since I called to check on her.. I really feel like a bad sister.
Now definitely there is change of plans. I was thinking of visiting the Kenyan Coast at that time around my birthday but then, what for??
I am in love and definitely will have to go and have fun with a few girls.. maybe I can convince a few friends to go with me so that they can help in buying a few junk food for the girls..
It is definitely fun. Those girls live like free spirits. Last time I was there they poured popcorn on me and soda… I was all messy and decided people pick on me too easily. The idea of going back there definitely makes me all excited.
I will be posting photos.. And also calling my mum to let her know after the primary school exam this year am adding a new member to her family for the holidays..
Now, I have a reason to smile as I go to my tiring hustle tomorrow very early despite the biting cold..
Small things that keep me going.. ❤

always winnie