I have been struggling to put into practice what I learned in research methods. I really had no idea what am doing and opting out of this year’s graduation crossed my mind and I kept the papers off until of late. It was breaking me to keep being sent back to work on the same topic



Am chatting with this guy who introduced me to ‘ my song’ Pink sheet. (It is my song because it is really loud. Whenever someone bothers me, I put my earphones on and just select it. Someone can hear it play and just opt to shut up plus part of the lyrics is ‘ you are not a matter of importance).
Am sure he was kidding when he asked how dissertation is progressing. I tell him I want to quit. I don’t know where he got the idea but he says I can’t quit.
Fine by me if he agrees to go through the topic that was keeping me stuck. Guess what?? He did and suggested some theory. I  half heartedly worked on it and took it to the lecturer..
I was ready for ‘ you need to be serious statement’ from my lecturer and I took photos of myself miserable in the bus.


I didn’t want to go. When I got to school, I just wanted to slip the work under my supervisor’s door and leave. The lecturer was in. She went through the work and smiled..
I think I could have screamed.. did she just smile…
I wanted to find Dennis and tell him I could be his slave forever just that he is in the west.
So finally I can move to chapter 3.
You should see the smile on my face and I think I finally got a hero..

always winnie