Dear Nigerians

My brodas and sistos I hope you are from Nigeria not Ghana or any other West African country. You are the first group of people that I have nothing positive about.. maybe you should be happy you are the first.
Now listen, I have no issues with you being in our country or malls or acting like Nigeria bought Kenya so you are just enjoying the fruits of your hard labor. I even have no issues on the fact that all your young men do is hit our girls, lie to them, lay them and dump them. Girls should know better..
But I have issues on your loud mouths. Didn’t your West African neighbors tell that your accent is horrible? I really can’t stand it.. worse off, is it how you talk or is it that you think most Kenyans have hearing problems?? You talk like you are telling the whole world
‘ brodas and sistos, my accent na be very very bad now. Look at me na.. am Nigorean.. ‘

Second, if you dare be rude to me… ‘ dear broda we gon be fighting like crazy’
Today I watched one of your people shout negatively and the girls holding out the ‘ okoa dada campaign’ ( rescue a sister campaign. People are approached to give a packet of sanitary towel. The towels are then given to orphans and the poor poor)
That wasn’t cool of you. I would be really disappointed if it was a Ghanaian. Now, either learn to behave in my country or stay in the houses and find someone to shop for you. Better still, you can always be in church praying that Boko Haram doesn’t get your people..
Do anything else. Don’t talk. I will be working on deporting you back to your country.

always winnie

11 Replies to “Dear Nigerians”

  1. I read your blog and saw what you wrote,very interesting I must say.
    Well am a typical Nigerian and trust me over half the population in my country speak good English. I speak good English and not everybody behaves the way you have described us.
    Please I don’t think it’s right to be judgemental just because of the few you have seen act that way. If you have ever been to Nigeria you would agree with me that every country has their share of its bad eggs.
    We are also a country filled with people of different ethnic groups,each speaking a different language and having a different culture.
    I would be happy if you research properly about my country before firing at everyone. Thanks and God bless.

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    1. I was really pissed off at your people. They are misbehaving totally in Kenya but I must say I apologize to the good Nigerians. I might take this post down now that I am going out with one of your own. But then it depends on the people I will meet even when I visit Nigeria.
      Don’t take it personally. Here we say ‘ nazi mbovu harabu ya mzima’
      That means if one nut goes bad, it spoils market for others..

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