Lim x-> kikuyu whereby X kikuyu is constant and there is no equation.
It has been an awesome time interacting with those people I am supposed to respect as parents the entire day. You know children belong to the society, right??
Part of it wasn’t fun though. Soon as I cleaned up and got into my African wear,


I started receiving compliments and was enjoying myself until the topic turned about marriage and boyfriends.
Oh hell no… I wanted to run from this topic because trust me it isn’t funny. It’s parents saying I have aged and they need to see signs of a guy around me… eerrr.. just that they don’t want to say it on my face. Now I am cornered even amongst friends.
I try to be witty and say I will bring a guy home maybe next year and am not lucky enough. The topic turns round to tribes.. Well, personally I don’t even know where I stand because I might gave been fed on negative ethnicity for long. Our neighbors who are from west of Kenya have no respect of personal property or privacy. In 2007, they made remarks that my parents keep reminding us up to date. Very negative remarks. You can imagine I am receiving advice on what kind of a guy I should bring home..
Winnie get back here. If you dare bring a luo here..

I promise I won’t.

I don’t also want a kalenjin here

Come on.. I don’t even like them.

And please not a kisii…

Eeerrr…  okay. Am soo limited here.
I try to pull a sad look.
She goes on,
My daughter, what am trying to say is, bring us a good looking Kikuyu. All we want is to be able to communicate effectively without leaving out anyone

Oh dear.. I want to argue but then I am alone against several people.. I am however given an extension.
If you look for long and can’t find one, bring us a maasai. That is excusable..

I think am just doomed but welll


always winnie