Thursday, 8:30 p.m. I am already in bed with bruised hands. I  have been off social media for several hours and I didn’t watch yesternight news.  I log in my Facebook account and all I see are people making fun of Nairobi county governor for overseeing an incentive to plant grass along Mombasa Road a few days before Barack gets here. Trust Kenyans to ask the governor if Obama is bringing cows.

I laugh off several jokes and get into my Twitter account just to discover that CNN is trending for calling Kenya a ‘ terror hotbed ‘.
Most of the tweets are crazy and I can’t help take note of the photos posted.


I really want someone to make fun of these comments with and when I find him, it’s like someone has hacked his account and is impersonating him. What to do Winnie.. what to say.. I just let it pass and decide to follow up on how much the American will be disrupting our schedules.
Most roads will be closed in Central Nairobi where my school lies. University way will be impassable. Part of the School will be used for his motorcade and so we will have to keep off. School is out of options then. I won’t be going.
I would have made other plans for tomorrow but I won’t risk getting stuck in traffic for hours.
I am out of novels. All I have is a Danielle Steel 3 in 1. I hate her work since I read Message from Nam and is it The Other Side of Midnight.
I have no new movies and network might have problems..
Life is miserable.  I am pulling my covers over my head and sleeping, hoping this nightmare will end soon and my hands will be better tomorrow.

always winnie