I might as well as start by confessing that i am not from Nairobi. I am one good village girl and every time i come to Nairobi, I get another wave of culture shock especially at the clothes these babes wear. I have no issues with their choice of clothing, (just that it shocks me) but do they have to make me look like the villager I am?

Today is when it has dawned to me that the city life will never agree with me as a girl. There is no hope at all so i will just move to upcountry, start a dairy farm and plant some apples.

I took a bus to school as usual and sat in traffic for about two hours which i spent cursing the U.S president for wanting to visit my country. It started as a joke but now it is no longer funny. The buses can’t break any traffic rules because police are all over. Some roads are being perfected so all traffic has been diverted on our way. I could move out of here but where to go? Uganda, no.. They hate Swahili, what would i communicate in? Tanzania, no way.. They have perfect Swahili that i can barely understand what they are saying so i will just be miserable in Nairobi and play that ‘Uncle Barry doesn’t extend his stay and doesn’t come back soon.

I alight at General Post Office (GPO) and tightly hug myself as it is chilly despite me having my jacket on. As I walk towards school, i notice that almost everybody is giving me a weird look. I take a look around me. Then i notice i definitely stand out. All the girls around are showing darn good looking legs and smooth arms. They take their time as they walk by while i look like i am running after something. I slow my pace and decide to just hold on to my jacket. It is cold for me. Nairobi or no Nairobi, my jacket is going nowhere. The idea of removing it gives me goosebumps and i have to avoid even thinking of it

The guys are all trying to keep warm and i don’t see no muscles which leaves me wondering what the girls are upto. Anyway, let me get into the library and enjoy being in a closed room