All great people eventually meet the reason for their downfall. Well, I didn’t know I would meet mine at such a tender age. I was hoping to hit the age 58 like Emile Durkheim and die silently in my bed due to academic fatigue.. what to do what to say?? Not all of us are so lucky.


In my effort to extend my circles and to restore faith in humanity that there are still kind people, I met my nemesis. I will tell you what he did but as for now, let me just lay out the reason I think I might be going down and have this feeling


I am browsing job opportunities in his country as I apply for a visa within Africa. I am making friends with his family because I will propose to him, marry him and then kill him in his sleep. I will definitely savor the moment when  he pleads with me to spare his life but I promise I will not let an enemy live. I will then catch a bus out of town and get a few friends to smuggle me to Congo. I think that’s close my home. If I will rot in jail, it will be in Kenya.

If that plan doesn’t work, I will have to find Henry Game and send him for this little mission. I promise I will be your slave forever if you just bring me this particular head.

All I know is that I will not go down as easy

always winnie