I leave school thinking of the many problems in the upcoming weekend. Crazy traffic and the inability to access some areas in town. I am praying that Uncle Obama doesn’t show up but seriously my prayers aren’t working so far.
I listen to my latest discovered song Telemo and I am dancing in my head.
I get to the bus station and of course my favorite fleet Star bus is there breaking a few rules. I just hop in and sit next to a window as usual. I immediately get a sweat stinking seatmate and the bus takes off.
As I have said before, the fun of taking these buses is that they get to break every traffic rule and you can watch the dismay on people on personal cars faces as you pass them on the wrong side of the road.
Well, today is not different. Just as we leave the CBD to upperhill, there is light traffic and the driver decides to take the wrong lane and speeds by little did he know that police are all over.
Now he has a traffic police next to him and we are headed to Upperhill Police Station not home.
Am starving and I wish I waited to leave school with my uncle. I would have spared time to take lunch than bus hop to police stations.

always winnie