Yaay…. there… she did give a really awesome quote..
Just take a peek at her blog
( am not saying she might be blonde about cars..:-) 🙂 )


I awoke from my Sunday nap to find that it’s finally happened! I’ve been nominated for my first challenge! I am excited because it’s my first and also because it’s a seemingly easy one *phew & YAY!
Much thanks goes out to https://zoneidea.wordpress.com/ Definetly check out her blog, her daily life adventures on the bus are some of my faves!
I am not well acquainted with how to tag bloggers in a post so I hope the website links will suffice.

The challenge; One quote a day for 3 consecutive days, nominating 3 people a day

#1: “Do not listen to people who think they have all the answers. Nobody is your savior, except you and perhaps a God you do or do not pray to. Read things that make you feel, that challenge what you think you know. Get fired up. Push yourself beyond those ten feet in front…

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