‘Wo ko aware aa bisa’ 
This is the climax quote of the song Telemo by Gasmilla of Ghana..
If I remember well, a good friend told me that it means you should know someone well before marrying them.
People rush into marriage not knowing it’s not all about having unlimited sexual access to the partner, nor is it all about the good times only. It is about so much more than we mostly care to think.

Look up the official video on you tube for telemo. Basically telemo means ‘ carry it’ . The guy in the video married within two months of knowing a girl. Well, after finding out what her true colours are and he wants out, the people who warned him against it have no option but to tell him you got yourself into it, carry it ( telemo).

Don’t be in a rush. Life isn’t a race. I don’t want to tell you to ‘ telemo’ your bad choices later in life.

always winnie