It is with regrets that I consider moving out of my own country if the president doesn’t consider selling it and giving me my share. I will move without anything and will change my identity to saying maybe I was born in Rwanda or move to Mugabe’s place.

I no longer want to be associated with the University of Nairobi after the student leader’s dumb letter. I also fear for his parents. They might be wasting the school fees on their son. Neither do I want to be associated by people who are making requests to Barack that would make my grandma wince in her grave ( may she rest in peace)

I am very tired of the leaders you voted in. All they are doing is making billions of money disappear miraculously or rather like in black magic. Case after case of money missing in action while the forex rates are working against the shilling.

I am also tired of seeing news on the guy who wants to marry Obama’s daughter.. this one I will need someone to shoot him or make him disappear like our money..

I would have tried to stay if the defile cases aren’t on the rise.. what the heck is wrong now?? Babies?? Come on people..

Anyway, if Mugabe agrees to host me, I will always remember you Nairobians pathetic Swahili.. and absolutely nothing else.
For now lemme email my favorite African president

always winnie