today has been crazy. I am still sitting outside the sociology department waiting to meet up the chairman because my supervisor fell sick. It is freezing and i don’t want to sit here anymore but what to do?

With Obama coming to Kenya, the security has been increased everywhere especially in Nairobi Central District but i still miss a beat when very suspicious Kenyans of Somali origin sit next to me. If you follow news, you well know that uhmmm… they might be amongst the bad ones. They are two. They settle next to me and one is making himself a bit wayy too comfortable and am feeling uneasy. It might be false alarm but hey.. I am cautious. I am eying them suspiciously especially when one goes ahead to use his phone in his mother tongue and i can feel my crazy mind interpreting what he is saying..

maybe he is saying he has me. Maybe he is saying he managed to avoid Central Police and got into main campus. He might as well be bidding his family goodbye. He could be saying anything. I look around and there are a few more of them. I find myself praying silently. I keep eyeing them with lets say “i don’t want to die eyes’  and please don’t do anything.

I think it is false alarm though. They just asked for the fees structure for the Social Work course and am off to see my chairman.

So long