Novels are very interesting.. they are even more interesting during exams. People offer to buy me lunch once in a while but I don’t know who send them every time I am almost doing my exams.. temptations I must say..

Now the results of the final year have started trickling in and I think I might fall sick. I have managed clean grades so far but I doubt it will last. I remember I was distracted. Way too distracted. We went to coast for sports and spent most time running around the beach and walking in the hot air at night. I met a good looking guy and started going out instead of burying my head in books.. why do I become stupid when smartness is needed?? 

Now I am holding my breath for every unit that is being released.. I am crossing fingers and when new results are posted, I am muttering

Dear God, I know I am just pathetic in decision making. I make pathetic choices and gambled with my education. Please forgive and don’t let me fail.. please

I am sure after all the results are out, I will sit back and laugh imagining what God must think of my dumb prayers. But as for now, fingers crossed. I promise to read for any other exams that I will sit in future.

always winnie