I am on my bed staring into the darkness and I choose to blame others for my inactivity. I don’t have a new movie because nobody made an effort to download any, I can’t watch t.v because after so many nights of sleeping early, mami has all of a sudden a program to watch after I spotted a good movie on one of the channels… well, what to do except get into bed with my phone??

My mind wanders to the many times I have said or given ideas on relationships.. I am sorry for those who took any of my words seriously because… well look at me. I could want to say I am miserable but nay… am damn bored.. why can’t I have a boyfriend who wants to call me up and talk about nothing?? Ugh.. sometimes I feel like cursing the world for not realizing that I am one of the few it will have..  I am worried though that the reason I don’t have anyone to send aimless texts to is because I am utterly suspicious of everybody. A guy texts me


I am kind enough because I definitely text back

Hi. Who is it?? What do you want??

But seriously, come on… this world is not a good place. Everyone has vested interests and I am just cautious enough not to want to be part of them.

So now I lay in bed, my muscles hurt from too much from badminton play yesterday. My head keeps hurting and I might end up going for an eye check up and I hope no specs for me coz I hate them. What I am trying to say here is I am a good girl with no strength at all.. but why am a still freaking single??

always winnie