Sometimes I feel like karma is getting back at me for breaking up with young and able guys or why else would someone soo old approach me??

Karma please… I have decided that after every break up, I will commit to a repentance session because if another old man approaches me, I will commit suicide and karma will have won. Nobody will manage to convince me otherwise.

Just the other day I had to deal with an old Arab, now an old white?? I actually mean old.. like maybe seventy year old!!! These people are ruining my self esteem which I have been trying to build since I was young.. Do I look like 60 or maybe 50?? Now my esteem is undergoing a recession and I have to frequent places with mirrors to reassure myself..

An old guy smiles at me at a mall I refuse to turn away thinking that he might think of adopting me. I give a stiff smile and think maybe it is time I got a new parent who will not complain about my hair. I even imagine myself visiting my mum with the craziest hairstyle and she won’t complain. My happy thoughts are cut short when I realize that the old man has no intentions of adopting me..
What the heck!!! Old guy (not that I have anything against old people, but I love them when they realize they can only be grandparents) you ain’t planning on adoption??
And why then are you even looking at me?? Turn away!! My insides are churning.. go away.. no no no.. move on and accept you aged!!!

To restore my esteem, I will need a new mirror.. I will have to remind me that I am still not old..

always winnie