I am in a bus at around 10 a.m.  It is school time and primary school kids are supposed to be in class. I am looking out my mind preoccupied with lots of thoughts.  My trail of sad thoughts are interrupted by a small girl carrying a baby on her back and I can’t help feel bad for her. She should be in school.


I can’t help but smile at how much my mum was determined to see me in school that she always had my baby sister ( now fully grown monster) on her back and with her. If I missed school I was scolded till I made a pact with myself to just stick in school.

Other people saw potential in me and invested in me where mama got stuck. They let love guide them. Now that I am done with school, I want to extend love to a girl and if possible girls. It might have just been family who did their best for me but I want to be family to someone I have no ties with. I will work my ass off and keep weekend jobs until I can be able to give someone the love I was given by my mum and my family.

always winnie