My pledge to mama Africa

Babashola's World


To you I pledge my loyalty
To rise above the limitations placed upon me by the colour of my skin, Is my promise to you
Mother Africa!

When you call, I will answer
I will be there to soothe your pain
To set you free is my life’s desire
To cut asunder the shackles of oppression, financial slavery and poor leadership
That your greedy sons and daughters placed you upon

They betray you to foreign oppressors
Because of Benjamin and Charlie’s mum
Because of riches and wealth
They collude with the oppressors and strip you naked.

Mother Africa, You are my first love
I pledge my heart to you
In this time of gloom darkness
I will not rest
Until I see you soar with liberty and your wealth restored.


In God I trust, victory will come
As we proclaim your Freedom
On Kilimanjaro’s Peak
In God we trust!


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