Men, you are well aware that most of you are morons and so am I. I know we have a few good ones who are rare to find. I don’t know exactly why we trust you so blindly to think that if we fall pregnant when you haven’t married us, you are going to stick around.. why is it that we never learn a lesson??  :(.  We are good creatures. Even after treating badly, we still want to see the good in you. Why are we so trusting??

Today I laughed myself to tears because I made a new friend who has a beautiful girl called Maya. I didn’t laugh at the kid, I laughed at the answer I got after asking about the kid’s father.

‘ if he shows his face, I will castrate him before he even tells Maya who he is’

Whaaat?? This is one crazily strong and beautiful woman. She talks with ease and you can see her dimples every time she smiles. Any man would want to hold onto such a woman.. but wait.. I forgot. Some men.. let’s not go there.
She had been dating the guy since she was eighteen. For five years she dedicated herself to him. When she realized she was pregnant, she was worried about what to tell her parents and was sure that she had her man’s support. She was wrong.
The guy walked away as if she wasn’t anything. Her parents offered support. She got into depression and had a premature birth. For three months she sat in the hospital for three months watching her baby grow in a nursery. She cried and prayed alone because the hospital with such a facility is away from her home.
I don’t know what I would have done in her shoes yet she laughs at her story.
‘ Winnie, I was going crazy. Life knocked my door down literally and knocked me off my feet’.
She still her laugh and her daughter. All she knows is that a man isn’t anything to let off your guard and trust.
I am impressed by her strength and I hope amongst all the morons and few men, she will find someone worth of her.
As of now, I gave her my number to call me up if the guy shows up so that we can castrate him.
So long..

always winnie