I am breathing fire after an Mpesa attendant refused to deposit money into my other Safaricom line simply because I didn’t have it with me. I try to tell her to check my national I.d but she is determined to make my life miserable.. well.. let her be a pain in the neck. I won’t waste my money.
I get into a matatu to get home and I find a seat next to the window. I breath in fresh air to calm my nerves. Just as am beginning to relax, a guy comes in and sits next to me. I am determined not to talk because I don’t want to unleash my frustrations on anybody but this, I think is a temptation from hell.
This guy really wants to be my punching bag.. otherwise why would he be leaning against me?? Why is he shifting to lean against me after I shift to get him off my shoulder??
I fight the urge of uttering the  ‘ get yee behind me satan’ and somehow manage even though in my head I am screaming at him
This is what is going in my head.
‘Why are you freaking leaning against me?? Can’t you sit upright?? If you want comfort get your damn car or walk or do whatever you can. Just don’t lean against me. You and the likes of Safaricom attendants want to make my life miserable.  After working hard to raise your loser shilling, you still want me to use my money to send money from my line one to my line two. What is wrong with your country?? Why do people even get comfortable in matatus? What is wrong with this country and it’s people??  Don’t dare suggest I buy a car.. with the shilling trading one dollar for a hundred, and your country doesn’t make cars, how am I to get a car?? Where will I get to see people rebuking drunk men?? Where do I sit and get driven by a driver who breaks all the traffic rules??  I will take a matatu (shortform mat) anytime. But don’t get comfy.. no no… Don’t do that’

I get home after a long conversation with the guy in my head. I am mad but i relax before eating. Well, food is sacred. You can’t eat it when mad.

always winnie