I am still working on my dumb project and even at times starting to feel suicidal at the slow rate which it is progressing at. Something is bothering me though.. Should pregnant teens be allowed to stay in school? Overlook the difficulties that come along with pregnancy, One Doreen Umutesi argues that school isn’t a maternity home. She further says that letting the girl would only encourage her peers to indulge in premarital sex on the basis that the school didn’t do anything.

In Kenya, when girls are joining school, they undergo pregnancy test which is carried out a few times even after joining school. This, i do not like. I am not encouraging teens to have UNPROTECTED PREMARITAL sex, neither am i encouraging them to indulge in premarital sex but this isn’t fair at all. Nobody should be subjected to these tests. Most teens get pregnant because they have crazy hormones and are really naive so i think instead of waiting to carry out pregnancy tests, schools, parents and even religious institutions should take it upon themselves to educate girls on safe sex apart from insisting on abstinence.

Well, to me if a teen falls pregnant, let her stay in school. The damage is already done and there is no need of wasting time at home. That is damaging even more by interfering with her school days. The school could offer support by allowing her to attend her clinic sessions within the school facility. Let her know that she did the wrong thing but let her keep learning until she is close to birth.

Everybody makes a mistake. If teenage girls are to be sent away from school, let the father of the baby be found. if he is in school, he should leave too. He played the larger part. Before, i forget, let nobody in the school, at home or anywhere condemn the girl. You all made whatever mistakes as teens. It is just that yours didn’t make you pregnant. Otherwise, everybody would be pregnant.

ps: i would love to hear more thoughts on this. Please men i beg of you, do not lean towards sending the girl out of school. i will not be amused.