One great advantage that we enjoy as Africans is the fact that we don’t have to fake over-civilisation and open mindedness in order to get along with the rest of the world. After all,i have been asked what living in third world country is like by several foreigners so i want to tell it all.

Well, despite being a sociology major, I would still react like Mugabe if my brother brought home another guy and claimed that he wanted to get married. It is scary imagining that dowry is being paid for my brother or we are taking my mother’s hard earned property to go and pay dowry for another man. For those of you who don’t keep up with news, Mugabe said, ‘ even satan is not gay. He approached naked Eve, not naked Adam.’

I am smiling even now at this statement. I do not know where civilization  emerged from but seriously i think this is getting out of hand. Look at Caitlyn or is it Bruce or better yet Kaitlyn Bruce? i wanted to keep an open mind and support everybody’s choices on gender, sexuality and stuff but then i imagined what would happen to me if the man who brought me up decided he was a woman.. what the heck!! Will i have two mothers now? Will i wish him happy fathers’ day or mothers’ day now? Civilization is proving a bit confusing for me.

Back to gayism, it is a custom in my country when one is getting married, to introduce their spouse to the family, especially the elders for blessings. Now, when you introduce a guy to granny, where do you start? I remember when one gay wedding took place and a Kenyan was involved, he had to pay a Sociology of Deviant specialist to explain to the relatives what actually happens. According to him, the hardest question he had to answer is when granny said ‘ I know what happens between a man and a woman sexually. Please tell me how it happens between men. Who does who? Do they take turns?’ I really do not envy the specialist.

Everybody can make a choice on whatever they want to be. And according to me gayism is all in the mind. It is by socialization as we are human by socialization. It develops maybe to gender bashment or whatever causes it. Now that some countries have it legal, i would really like to hear what the presiding priest says when joining two men ‘ today we are gathered today to join these two men…’

What??? Which Bible verse does he use because in normal weddings i hear ‘ a man shall leave his parents, and so will a woman. they will become one… ‘. I hope all the open minded people will support their sons, husbands, fathers and brothers without qualms when they come out of the closet.

As for me and Mugabe….