Father Let Her
Father let her chop off his manhood
Allow her to feed it to the wild dogs also
He doesn’t deserve to belong to the class of
His continued association with us is constant
Making people look at us with a spiteful eye
Father let her chop it off
He hasn’t cared to pay her bride price
Not even a token of appreciation for her in-laws
Or handshake of gratitude to the elders
Father let my sister chop off his manhood
Allow her to crush his ball also
He doesn’t have the calibre to carry them
Nor any idea why he has them
He continues to spite this clan
By flirting with old women and school girls
Father just allow my sister
He has a habit of beating her while drunk
He has ceased providing for her and her
young children
He doesn’t care what they eat even
Look at how thin she has grown
Her eyes sunk into the sockets of her skull
Bones protruded from her emaciated body
Father let her deal with his manhood
After all it’s of no use to him; to her
He has lost the ability to father a child
And your wait for a grandchild might go to
the grave
Father Let her chop his manhood
He insulted my mother at the shopping
centre junction
Made the boys and the madmen ridicule her
The same hands that raised him a wife
It’s which he now despises
He has brought our family shame
And now people shun us as if we are lame

Before you start calling me crazy, this isn’t a post by me. It is by one of my crazy childhood friend. So am clean here

always winnie