It is almost 9p.m here. I have already taken my supper and am sitting with my cup of warm water contemplating on how I could get my stomach abs totally in shape.

My harmless thoughts are interrupted by the thought of how couples fight and go apart with bitterness and broken hearts. Some even kill their partners and I can’t help wonder how it came to that.

Call me cold but every time I sense a guy doesn’t like part of me that I don’t want to change, I only stick around enough to confirm my suspense. There are definitely aspects of you that not everybody is comfortable with and for me it is and will always speaking out my mind. When I am mad I will say I am mad. No going back. There is no way that is going to change. I can sense dislike for that with reactions I get and no matter how much I like a guy, if he isn’t comfortable with that, I won’t sit back and watch him hate me. There is no need of sticking around and making him hope that maybe one day I will shut up when somebody does something wrong against me or when there is something I don’t like. I will say it always.

Everytime I see a bitter person, I wish they could have walked away at the earliest signs of dislike. If you aint planning to work on that part that he or she doesn’t like, why do you just sit there and wait for that dislike grow to hate?? For me, I refuse to sit there and just wait to be hated.
Ellis once said all the art of living lies in a fine mingling of holding on and letting go.

always winnie