It is a sad thing for me to accept that I will never be a Winnie Patel Shah or even Winnie Singh Patel or any other Indian name I might have gained after marrying an Indian.
To be honest I love Indians.. the accent!!! Darn it.. it’s funny and sexy.. Their hair.. ah.. it makes me want to just have part of the Indian genes in my kids. My love has been growing over time because my aunt has been making me watch the Indian channel on Dstv; zeew.. Their soap operas are hilarious.. let’s just say I love Indians.
However my stomach might come in between me and my love for the Shahs and Patels. A cow is too enticing as meat to be a god.  No no… that is food for me.. I see roast meat every time I look at a cow.
The other thing is dowry. There is no way my very old fashioned parents will want anything less than cows, honey, pot, and goats for their daughter’s dowry. Thinking that they might for dowry, I might be disowned on the brighter side. You can think of the dark side.

The cast system of the Indians amuses me. From watching their channel, I discovered that certain cast has to remove their shoes when they meet the landlords.. what the heck!!!
I really love Indians but when I see all the barriers, I decide to settle for any other husband apart from Russians.. nothing personal against these people but I fear for my kid. He might inherit the bad Russian genes.

always winnie