I must admit this is becoming a bother to me now.. what is wrong with a lady who can’t cook??  All I see are updates like
‘ women be drinking like their fathers instead of cooking like their mothers
I see articles on how to keep a man at home and bam!! Cooking is there.


Okay, lemme get this clear first, do you seek a wife or a cook???

Times have changed and the kitchen is no longer the woman’s place. Women should cook if they want to, not because they ought to. However, if men continue to be this irritating and insist a woman should cook almost as good his mother, fine. I will let you be. But I will also expect you to:

Know how to repair furniture, fences, trim flowers, milk the cows, feed them, and know what is wrong with them.
Pay school fees, carry kids on your shoulders, know who to call when anybody gets caught in my family..
Come up with the amount money wanted in times of crises..
And the list goes on.
Well, you can blame me. That’s what my father used to do while my mother was cooking.

always winnie