There is an award. I got nominated for this challenge by  Rob of V_pub blog I am really grateful. He is one funny blogger who got separation anxiety because his fav tv show went for break. Check out his blog.
The rules are as follows:
Thank the blogger who nominated you.Β 
List seven random things about yourself.
Nominate seven bloggers.

Seven random things about me

I will get married to badminton if it will have me. I love that game

I like sitting alone in the sun with my earphones

I love it when someone who matters holds me in a hug

I once allowed myself be sent out of school because of school fees when I had the bank slip in my bag. I went to friends home

I love kids so long as they aren’t mine

I want to hug and protect the kids who suffer any kind of abuse

I love cakes. Cake anytime. So long as it’s sweet.

I will nominate
Emmanuel Muema’s blog
Does it matter who I am
poetry and chocolate and books
I nominated 5 I am most familiar with and decided to add some guy with a German shepherd
And one blogger I will keep nominating because he is simply one of the bestDeanne’s world

always winnie