I am really not impressed by men at all. Listening to news makes me even madder.
You all know I like girls.. not that way idiots..  I like kids. Especially girls. They are beautiful and I want to get one though not soon.
Over the news, I heard a woman narrating how her husband has been sexually abusing her kid and I think that this is a crazy woman.

Now, suppose I learn my husband has been abusing MY DAUGHTER and I learn of it. Before I give him the chance to go and plead insanity, I will be his crime partner. I will happily accompany him to jail.. as another criminal.

Trust me he will get drugged and then I will crush his balls. I will do that with a smile in my face. I  will even castrate him. Then, we can go and plead insanity or lack of mens rea.

If any excuse of a husband touches my girl, or any man, trust me, we shall have two criminals. He can be forgiven for anything else… anything else but that.
Let it be clear.

always winnie