been a very weird day for me. I left home at almost ten. As usual I pass by the shop near home to buy credit and head for the bus stop. I have been told I walk a bit too lazily and by the time I get to the bus stop, the bus is almost full. I curse my laziness and mourn over the idea of waiting for another bus to get full. As I alight, someone taps my shoulder and

Madam, someone got a seat for you.

I smile and look gratefully at the guy who held that seat. I mutter a thank you and start texting my friend Rachael until I notice the guy is staring at me as if he expects me to pay him. I turn and look at him and he gives me an awkward smile. Darn it!! He wants to chat me up.

I pray silently
Dear Lord, let him keep his mouth shut all the way. Please

Only that my prayers kind of hit the roof and bounce back to me

Are you going to school or work?? He asks politely

Darn it..

I keep glancing at my phone. When the conductor passes by to collect fare, I learn somebody decided to pay fare..

Dear Lord, why is the world being nice to me? I haven’t sold my soul. I swear.. let me get to school safe because at this rate, I don’t feel safe.

Call me paranoid but when people are nice to me, I look at them and my mind is wondering what they want in return.

As we get prestige, someone shouts
‘ I belong to alshabab. They own me ‘

Lord I am a sinner. Please forgive my evil deeds. Let me get to heaven.

I have that feeling in my stomach. The way fear settles at the base. It’s already cold but I feel colder.
‘I know I joke about death and even wrote a post on if you attend my burial ceremony but seriously I swear I didn’t want it to be this soon. I swear’

A moment passes and the guys around that part of the bus burst out laughing. They were only talking about a movie.

Stupid guys. Can’t they talk less loudly??
I alight at the general post office feeling light headed and the entire day was a haze. I am yet to learn why the world is being nice to me.

always winnie