I am from training all tired and I hurt my leg a little. I am sweaty and am sure I stink. Bad luck to the person who will take the seat next to me in the bus. l really don’t care but I will  try to keep my armpit down.
She steps in front of a bus unexpectedly. Out of nowhere and I feel myself hit the chair due to the impact of the driver braking. Everybody starts complaining. She has her back on the bus and we can’t her face. She suddenly turns and all men keep quiet and all women are itching to get heard.

Her firm breasts are almost out totally. She has just a bit of them covered and as men stare at her, I turn with an evil grin to study the men. A few virtuous ones are trying to turn away but majority can’t hide their mesmerized stares. I can’t almost touch the itchy wish to stretch out their hands and feel.

She staggers and somehow finds her way in the bus and sits next to the guy collecting fare. I can feel myself feel grateful that there are women in the bus. The guy doesn’t utter a negative word to her. He instead asks for fare.

`shika” she stammers.
The conductor picks it. It’s half the amount people are paying.

” haitoshi” the conductor says. (It’s not enough).

She turns all her pockets inside out. She doesn’t have even a single shilling more. The conductor turns to her and she squirms on her seat and mumbles inaudibly.

The conductor is fuming. I think it’s the urge to be vulgar about her tits and the inability to because all women are on lookout.
She gets to her destination and shouts
“Shukisha” the Kenyan way.

The conductor looks at her and says

“Hajamaliza kulipa fare. Tunaenda na yeye mpaka mwisho” ( she hasn’t paid her fair fully. We are taking her to the last terminal”.

She goes crazy. I don’t know whether it’s the alcohol or it’s the fear of what would happen if she remains in the bus to the last terminal.
I feel sorry for her and before I think I could pay, an elderly women gives the money. The girl looks at that woman bewildered at first then she starts laughing. She has to be half carried out of the bus. She takes a few steps then her stability fails her.

always winnie