sad but true

Priya Thakkar


She got a call.

For one second, she was hesitated to receive the call.

But, life has made her tough enogh to handle any awkward situation.

She know what will going to happen in next 5 or 10 minutes.

Finally she received the call.

She : Hey, hi.

He : Hie.

She : Congratulations for getting married. And I am sorry, I could not attend your marriage.

He : (as usual, in joking mood) It’s OK. Courier my wedding gift. 😀

Both laughed.

Phone on loudspeaker mode. Obviously she didn’t know that!

He : Please tell my wife that you rejected me for getting married.

She hesitated.

With a bit of awkwardness, after a while of pause.

She : Yes, I said no to him for getting married.

His wife : Why did you say no to him?

The flashback of her 2 years of relationship came across to her…

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