Now dear future husband, you think you are in love with this babe and you are happy she isn’t from Nyeri? Not so fast. Last time I did tell you that I am not a witch and I hope you remember my clan because if you don’t, that’s a bad omen.

Before you think you tamed me and you want to marry me, there are a few things I want you to know.
1. I don’t forget any wrong against me. Any word you utter negative maybe or will be used against you in times of trouble. Don’t think because I let it pass, I didn’t hear it.
2. I don’t let go easily unless it’s hopeless. So better rethink your wanting to marry me. Don’t think am a hotel which you can visit and leave as you wish.  I also want you to know, if I let go of you, then nobody else can help you. You are a gone case and am not trying to ruin your esteem.
3. I am not a baby maker. If I get a kid, it’s ours. Not yours. If you dare use that theory of inserting a coin on coffee machine and getting coffee on me, you won’t know what hit you.
4. I have a weakness for kids. You will have to put up with strange kids in your house. Make effort to be nice. I will most likely adopt kids. If you can’t stand that, please start leaving now.
5. I have crazy emotions. Because I am a woman. When I want to listen to music, forget it’s your house and just assume it’s mine. Music genres will change with emotions. Learn the types before wanting to marry me.

I feel accomplished for now. Sleep well.
Your future wife

always winnie