I am in the city feeling famished. As I walk, all my nose can pick is the aroma of fries cooking and all my eyes see are the naked chicken that fast food joints are displaying. I remind myself that this is a temptation and work hard to resist it.

You see as a Kikuyu girl, my body can’t afford to take in fast food for a whole week. If my tummy grows, it will tamper with the lovely front office appearance (bust) that I am endowed with and well, you know I can’t afford it. Thanks to my cousin Ruth for making fun of my flat ass and no hips now I have esteem issues. I am even watching what I am eating. :(.
So you see if I have no lovely front view, there is nothing to view at the back. Darn you if you are laughing.

Apart from that, when they brought me to the city from my village, I made a conscious decision to avoid potatoes. My village is in central Kenya. We grow potatoes throughout the year and trust me potatoes are sacred there. Every meal has potatoes in it.. think of it.. rice, the stew got potatoes, chips, meat and potatoes, mashed potatoes.. name it. I even learned how to make potatoes omelets. Why would take potatoes in the city?? I know the city people are manipulative, they make them and try to make them appear delicious but.. eish.. I am not falling for it.

I walk past the fast food joints to a place where I can take a real meal. But then it’s late. I have to get home. So I just think of passing food. I smile at the thought of gaining an even flatter tummy due to skipping meals. Genius.. plus I might as well as save some cash.

My smile though freezes as I pass bakers inn. Why the heck do the unhealthy coconut doughnuts look so yummy!! Why are they displaying the Swiss rolls?? I try to pass by but then as usual, my willpower fails… Forget  the flat tummy… fuck the flat ass.. forget my cousin.. what does she know?? She just happens to be lucky to be endowed with great curves.

The struggle is real here.. anyway, I already got two warmed up for me and even if my abs gain fat, I will enjoy gaining it.

I hope I will go for exercise soon. There are things me as a Kikuyu girl can’t afford.

always winnie