It’s with a downtrodden heart that I write this. I don’t hope that will reply, neither do I hope you will get in touch but I hope you will read.

I know it’s of no big deal to you that he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword and neither is it a deal to you that a human being blood dried up in your stabbing knife. I am yet to understand what makes you tick, and no matter how much psychology I read, I don’t want to get into your head, I might want to know though. What makes you tick? What motivates you? How does it feel to willingly take someone’s life?

Some psychopath said that just like you don’t want to stop having sex after breaking your virginity, so it is with murder. Is it true that you don’t forget the first experience? Doesn’t it haunt to a point of no return? Don’t you want to undo what you did? Do you sit to consider what you really are doing??

Recently you took away my brothers’ friend. He was young. There was so much life in him. He hadn’t even hit thirty yet. My mum sat with his mum yesterday. She watched her crying her heart out. She had a son on last week, now all she has is a body of her son.

What really drives you not to think beyond that person you are killing? I have no idea, and my hope in humanity is lost. My faith that maybe we shall live peacefully one day is a waste. This is a man eat man society. I feel low and I want not to trust any man. Because you too dear murderer are human, and if I found out I trusted you, then I will be suicidal and I don’t want to be.

Don’t kill anyone today. We all say karma will pay you but you have already done the damage. Keep your hands off blood today. Show that part of you that’s humane and respect one life today.. 😦

always winnie