Today I am feeling very philanthropic and I will indeed do community work by writing something positive about a man.. a guy who isn’t blood relative.

You know I lost count so as I write this I am going through a list of the guys I have been out with.. I finally settle for one great guy I met.. I didn’t actually date him I think. We just spent time together in a few days and I have never laughed so hard in my life. This guy I met through my mum..
Yes.. I know. Those who love gossip go ahead. Just don’t tell my mum I was going behind her back.

Actually that’s the only time I felt like there was hope for me in normalcy.  I went for road trip, I listened to music, I missed a boat ride, I ate fish like crazy..

Guys could borrow a few things from this guy. I have never seen anyone keep their phone away just so that he can concentrate on what we were kidding about. My friend Rachael also fell in love with that guy. We played like kids laughed, soaked ourselves with water then got worried on who would fetch it..

I was surprisingly happy. It ended though. Somewhere crept in the cold. And calls were not answered and calls were not made.. I actually don’t think that was dating.. it was like fun.. I don’t know.

Now I can feel proud I remember something about a guy.. 🙂

always winnie