I am not saying I have been an angel entirely but I have noted over time that people take advantage of my being nice. Friends, enemies, family…

In campus, I ran into people who simply couldn’t stay without getting things from me and unluckily, I inherited my mum’s side of giving. Once I had something, I would give. Easily. Even cash. Then with time I have come to note I was letting and I have been letting myself to be taken advantage of.

Something else is because when I get mad, I forget eventually. I forget and when I meet someone, I can’t even remember being mad. I have realised I have been letting people take advantage of that because they knew I won’t remember. I am taking a step to not being that easy. I will start noting those who are bothered enough to apologize and to show that they are sorry. Otherwise I will cut the crappy friends off my.life.

In my personal relationships, I have been settling for less. I have just been giving. I thought i would be selfless but now I will be selfish. I no longer want to be selfless. I will be mean all I can.

So now I am taking lessons on being mean. I will not do anybody a favor unless they deserve it. I will not feel bad for not helping out and I will not feel guilty when I defend myself against mean people. I will be mean because they deserve it. I will even walk away when they don’t deserve meanness.

always winnie