Woi Kenyan men..

Is this world going mad or what?? Today I woke up in a superhyped mood if there’s something like that.. I am going through news by standard media and guess who pops up..
You guessed right!! Felix Kiprono. Remember that guy who has offered to raise dowry to marry Malia Obama? Yeah.. that one. Today he isn’t trying to raise the cows. He has changed his accent to win over the Obama girl. Someone wake me up. What’s up with this one?? I have to go back to the 500 pages abnormal psychology book to find his problem. Then maybe he can go back to normal and find himself a beautiful non Nyeri wife.

Talking of Nyeri.  Is there a problem with Nyeri men? For those who have no clue of what’s happening, a Nyeri woman cut off her husband’s penis for suspected cheating. Like literally. This is sad and hilarious at the same time. Was this guy kind of drugged?? I thought men is to muscles. Strong ones. No energy to hold a woman down? I might as well as organize a coup and train women. Something isn’t right here.

The men who can manage women aren’t doing it well. The Nairobi guy who killed his woman for cheating.. what happened to walking away now? The woman came clean. You could file for divorce. You could dump her the Kenyan way and get yourself a beauty. Why make the matter more complicated than it is?

Men I will need you to man up and behave in a logic manner. You need muscles, a sound mind and a brain to reason. Stop walking around saying you are men simply because of your genitals..

always winnie

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