My friends complain that I might end up lesbian (but trust me I have 99% straight genes and I really like guys) simply because most of the times I will side with women. I support women except those who kill or mistreat kids. Part of me even supports that Nyeri woman who cut off her husband’s penis for cheating. It’s simple, I think of God’s best creation is a woman.

She is giving and she would sacrifice anything for those they love. She would even go to the illegal side of the law to protect whatever she loves. Nothing surpasses the strength of a woman in among creations. When you think she is done, she rises back stronger.

Some quotes even side with me ‘ behind a successful man, there is a woman’. A woman will polish up the guy she loves and the result will be amazing. She works day in day out to just boost a man’s ego. That is how selfless a woman can be when she loves.

A woman will cry a river, she will hug you and hold you close to feel safe. A mother is the best woman. A sister, who is like a sister? A girlfriend.. I see girls do way too much for men and I support them when they drop an unappreciative nigga. I watch them cry and hug them when they think they are crushed.

I love it when they gossip with love. It’s very funny. I laugh when they complain about their boyfriends yet give them their hand lovingly…
Women are just amazing. And how they are created.. wow.. they are a just worth looking at… I know that for real and I love the way my brothers will just sit and wow at a well figured woman..

The only reason nature can’t allow women to be fully united is because if they ever did, nothing would be stronger. Men might have muscles, but women got wit, brain and beauty.. what would beat that..
Women remain the best and most appealing of creatures.

ps.. I am totally into guys. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate my kind.

always winnie