Today, I will be strong. I will open my heart, I will open my hands and close my eyes..
I will let you go.

Don’t turn back, don’t pretend you care about what I feel, don’t act like it bothers you just walk and don’t turn back…
Make this easy for me

You are free now, of my mean requests, of my tantrums, of my wanting your time
Just keep going…
I want it no more

Spend all your time as you want
Friends, job, car and even your family and try not to lie I was part of it…
I got eyes to see

Fly far away, maintain that distance
Don’t turn back even when I want you to….
Because this is right for me

I no longer want to chase the wind
I am weary of competition
My emotions are drained….
Let me find myself.

I am letting you out of my soul
Out of my life and out of my heart
And I hope we cross no paths…
Until I can stand

I am letting go of memories of your smile, of your heartbeat, of your eyes and of your touch…
And eventually all I will have of you is a blurred image with no eyes, no smile, no heart and no hands

I am baring my soul and letting you go.

always winnie