As one of your own, I think we need to talk.


This has caught my attention and I had to edit that and remove the original ‘ I thought she was being kidnapped ‘line . What on earth is wrong with some of you?? What is happening to the fact that an African woman is a beautiful woman and a quality woman not a quantity one?
You want to be brown skin?? What for?? You want to be one of those yellow yellow dadas who I see turning red in the sun? You want to be lighter now?? I can’t believe it. You are not doing me proud at all. Please please preserve your color and live forever in peace. You don’t want your husband to sue you when you get dark kids.

Now that am feeling calmer, please even when you want to lighten your skin, please don’t go through river road for products for those of you who are Nairobians. And talking of you Nairobi women, what’s with the accent?? Ulienda China ukarudi na accent ya U.S?? Please surprise me ukienda India urudi na hiyo…

Black is beautiful. Black is original and black beats all other colours. Please don’t try to make it light. Be proud of your heritage.. please.

Anyway, for those who can’t stand their own identity, lighten your whole body. Don’t leave your hands looking like they are somebody else’s.

Peace. Black and loving it.

always winnie