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Harder Than You Think

Monday 4th June 2012, an entirely forgettable day. The country was in the grip of Golden Jubilee fever but I was at work and ridiculously busy. I don’t remember what I wore, what I ate, if I did anything after work. It was just Monday.

Why am I fixated on this date? Because it was the Day Before. The day before life changed forever. On Tuesday 5th June my mum was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. Within 11 days we would find out the cancer was terminal.

What do I remember about 5th June? Everything. I remember the perfume I was wearing, the songs I heard on the radio at work, the facial expression of the consultant when he asked to speak to my mum after her endoscopy, I remember the kind of sandwich my dad was eating in the waiting room while my mum heard the…

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