I am sitting in the waiting area of the X ray section in the Kenyatta National hospital with my friends as I wait for her to pick her results. She was involved in an accident and escaped death narrowly.

I already started feeling sick and the hospital smell gets me really hard. My head has a dull throb and I think I could do well with a rest, yet I am not sick. Generally this hospital makes me sick.
It reminds me of the cancer ward we used to visit when in school to just play with kids in the cancer ward and colour some sketches with them. Each day not seeing a kid had us scared for the worst.

It reminds me of my friend who was on his motorcycle and we were the first to visit him. Lying there as if lifeless yet breathing and moaning sub consciously due to the pain he felt. The blood that had dried off on his lips and the water drip that hang by his side yet didn’t help.
Coming back three days later to find an empty bed and no explanation.

It reminds me of all the times I have had to go through the burns ward to avoid elevators to get to the cancer ward. It reminds me of when I have had to be strong to interact with the kids when I wanted so bad to cry yet had to be strong  because I couldn’t afford to dampen their spirit. It reminds me of crying myself stupid when I got back to my bed because those little angels didn’t deserve it.

It reminds me of that kid that was abandoned in the hospital because he was born with the condition that one has to get water drained off their body.. it reminds me of so many things and I can’t wait to get out of it

always winnie