I  think it’s high time I got a wedding for a few reasons;
It’s the only occasion my annoying cousins will let me get away with wearing heels. My cousins are annoying and trust me if they visited you, you would return them to sender immediately. They take advantage of my good nature to make fun of my height, my weight and my appetite even though my appetite also amazes me, but that doesn’t mean they should keep talking about it.

It’s the only occasion that I can dance. Let’s just say I have two left feet. But in a wedding am surely gonna dance and have fun. Most likely there will be many of my kind.

It’s only here that I will most likely eat and not do dishes.. I love weddings for this one. Otherwise almost for every meal I take unless I am in hotel, I most likely will have to do dishes.

It’s the only occasion which I will meet the relatives I know and have them introduce themselves again.. it makes me feel like I am getting back to them for remembering them  when they don’t.

I will also enjoy seeing my parents having to talk to so many people. They can’t take it anymore but they still have to keep doing it.

Wait, did I mention I need this wedding soon?? Very soon.

So long as you don’t expect that it’s mine..

So if you have a wedding coming up, please please invite me.

always winnie