One of my friends got me laughing today. He wasn’t with me but he just happened to tweet something really funny in response to the post I made yesterday and it felt good. Checking up my twitter handle first thing in the morning and I kept grinning. It took me back to a few years ago when I fell in love.

( first digest that)

Yes, I was in love. Just that I was in love with how the guy I used to chat with used to chat. I was fresh from high school. And I had all the ideas of romantic relationships in my mind and I hoped that one day a guy would sweep me off my feet and marry me. Then we would adopt two kids and I would give birth to two of my own.. ( I know.. I know.. I was simply disillusioned. Though I think my weight has played a role in the sweeping off part)

My guy had an ideal name and I think it was something to do with Sidney. How we started chatting..  he inboxed me and I mistook him for a girl Sydney. Then we argued on the name, then we picked up the British titles of my lady and he was my lord.. (admit it, that’s romantic..:-) )

It went on and we even imagined ourselves married. By the way we hadn’t met. And it kept going on until some other guy started making me really mad still on facebook. I found myself another husband. This one was acquired through the movies theory of falling in love with someone who got to your nerves. Damn!! Didn’t he make me mad.

My first love though faded and the guy started falling asleep before saying goodnight and  the other guy started to sound funny rather than maddening.  I never met my first love because we fought over I can’t remember what but I am trying to find him. 😀

I however don’t know what to say to him because campus took away my innocence and took me to all the places he wanted me to see ( darn you campus!! Darn you!!)
Online love is amazing because you can actually type that you are crying have the poker face. You can just say whatever crosses your mind. You can be mad at the guy and still be laughing your ass off with your friend.. and finally it’s the only place that you wake up to weird texts like

Hey hun

Hey babe

Are you okay?

Did you fall asleep?

And for me it was

Good evening my lady

Are you okay?

My lady, did you fall asleep?

Goodnight my lady

They should introduce online love though..

always winnie