My mum thinks I complain a bit too much and a few other people back her up, but I don’t. I promise those who back her up don’t like me and I am beginning to doubt my mum when she says she loves me..

Today though, I want to rant. It’s some minutes to midnight and I am at my aunt’s house. Here, I don’t really know who to complain to because there are nice people apart from one gigantic evil cousin. We went to the same school and I was hoping by the time he was done with campus, some changes might have taken place. Oh how he disappoints. He is still the same and I must say that school has failed miserably at taming this one. He won’t let me have my peace at all.

When we were making supper a few days ago, he started talking which implies my prayer for him to be quiet was shift+Ctr+Del on the air before they got to heaven. He is on my case for completing four years in campus and still single. I sincerely have no idea why he had to pick on this topic of all others. Not like he has any girl interested or hooked up on him!! He says I have failed partially because when one leaves campus, they should have a hubby prospectus. Who needs one?

I blocked him mentally and managed to get through that session peacefully. The problem is, when he had to wake me up yesterday morning, he adopted the Madea way of doing it. He poured cold water on my face.. seriously, I am getting offended by this one considering all I did the last time I woke him up was place a cabbage leaf on his neck.. I know it might have been frozen for staying in the fridge for a few days but I didn’t deserve water on my face.

I know you understand especially if you have such younger siblings, I am not complaining..

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