It’s 12:20 a.m. on Saturday..  Don’t ask me what the date today is because it slipped away from my mind. I am writing on you dear diary because you aren’t going to tell on me. The fact that I am not asleep yet and that I have a rumbling stomach till I had to google on the remedy just to find out that it is a symptom of nothing serious.

Dear diary,  my bed feels warmer than usual because it has been long since I slept on it but I cleared out of the campus room and left the comfort of the bed my body has been sleeping on for sometime. I also miss my friends and the activity around school that makes it look like the day has just started. Dear diary, I have a lot on my mind because my work in campus mainly involved breaking the ten commandments and am sad that my mum is happy am back safe but I am not. You see dear diary, part of that innocent soul that went to school never came back. Actually like all of it. The genuine smile has been replaced by a fake laugh. The heart that believed in romance has been turned cynical. The trusting soul now thinks everybody is just acting. Every good deed is viewed with suspicion and wondering what someone wants back.

Dear diary, I am not really proud of myself right now and I wish I can be somewhere that I really can say what is in my mind. Every phase passes but I think this one has taken a toll on me. Don’t tell on me dear diary but I think campus was more of life school than books. I made mistakes and even surprised myself by out doing myself in mistakes. My dearest, I will not whisper to your lines what I have done for even walls have ears and the wind might carry the information to the wrong ears but trust me, if you were me you would be awake writing on a diary.

I hope dear diary, that I will find myself back and repent on breaking commandments. Then maybe I can be at peace. I also hope that I will find a job before I graduate so that I can have my own money to spend.

I know you were waiting in me to write something on romance dear diary but even you I don’t trust, so how can I hope that it happens to me when I can’t even trust a book??

I will sleep now. Goodnight dear diary. I hope my pen didn’t hurt you much

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