Four years ago sounds like ages ago but to me it’s just time flown by. Before joining school, I had to go back to the admissions board to revise my courses so that I could get a chance to the university of Nairobi. My dad was determined to see me in this particular one. September 2011, I was amongst the many freshmen to join and was darn worried from the campus stories I had heard.

I secured accommodation in another campus and it was like commuting everyday to school in a bus that belonged to the school of law. We argued about seats with our fellow freshmen from the school of law day in day out. Waking up late, running after the bus with undone hair and a cup of coffee, standing all the way to school, life was hectic. For me it was even more so because I took to playing badminton up to late night and had to wake up early daily so I was always sleepy. This was in the School of Business and everyone knew we were the freshmen who couldn’t secure accommodation in the School of humanities so we had lots of guys after us. The christian Union made it worthwhile though, we visited children’s homes, rehab centers and taught Sunday school. It was a great life and I was busy doing everything else apart from reading. First year flew by and when my results were out, I escaped fail narrowly, perfected badminton and made hundreds of friends.

Second year, I still got no room in my campus. I stayed with my aunt and got late to school almost everyday. Taking a bus daily to school, falling asleep on a stranger’s shoulder, forgetting my fare and bargaining for the bus fare to be lowered was the way of life. I gained weight, I lost my badminton skills, I spent my time in the library waiting for my cousin to pick me up and my grades went up.

Third year, I was a senior student. When no room was offered in campus, I went to the accommodation offices backed up by a few friends and secured myself a great room. Life was back. I took to jogging and playing badminton in sports clubs, I joined the school team and became captain. I played the All Africa games and majored in sociology. That year did go by very fast.

Fourth year, I was worried I was old. Really old. I was expected to behave more maturely so I played badminton and tennis and still went jogging. Mature, right? First semester just went by and I didn’t even notice. Second semester just ended and I have nothing to show off for since it was really short apart maybe from meeting a great guy and letting him go and feeling like a moron afterwards, but now am packing. I am going out to finish up my project then wait to graduate late this year.

I will miss campus, the freedom of acting really stupid and people let it pass. I will miss the campus guys whose stupidity never ceased to amuse me. I will miss eating out on people’s bill and of course the free WiFi that I could access from my room. I have my regrets, I have had my moments but trust me am glad I made it through campus and am finally leaving.

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