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Don’t get me wrong, because I am still a feminist. Yes, I am defensive before I say it to ascertain you that I believe in gender equity. Whilst most feminists incline towards fighting for the rights of the females only, I am a believer that females should be men’s equals but the fulfillment of the desire to equate the girl child should not infringe the rights of the male child. That being beside the point, right now I’m a bit critical on this equity issue. No, am not changing my stand of being a feminist, but truth is we are different. Men are different from women as much as women are different from men. Men carry the seed of reproduction while women are the incubators of the infants. Mmm…this is an interesting fact to me. Though one may think that this is a point that emphasizes that women will never be men’s equals, I think this is a point that shows that we need each other.  Keeping some scientific facts at bay (where women can reproduce without the man’s seed), and concentrating on the natural reproduction process, the existence of both males and females depend on both male and female. Thus, we hold the same power of survival. If only everyone could get to see this…if only…

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