My mum has always been very open about going out with people whose language you have no idea in and being me, I don’t listen. Remember that fool they say always waits to learn from their mistakes?? Yeah, that one. I think that’s me.

When I went for Easter in coast, I forgot to mention that I met this great guy. He made me laugh and was great company only that we don’t speak the same language as our mother tongue. I really don’t care that much and I really didn’t give a damn until now.

Please don’t laugh at me but as I write this, I give a damn. I am out somewhere in Parklands to take lunch with the guy and a friend and his cool nephew. The problem is, the friend speaks the same language as my great guy and so here I am. I basically have no idea what they are chatting bout and am really grateful I have my phone with me. All I want is to get back to school while I was supposed to enjoy lunch and take a break from my books. Now I can’t even remember why I took break after all.

My mum always say, ‘ they are going to talk about you while you are seated with them and smile,  laugh at you while you just sit there innocently hoping that they aren’t ‘. I am taking this advice with me to coast next month. It’s either you speak no language that I can’t speak or we share the mother tongue. Period.

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