When I started blogging, it was because I needed somewhere I could express my thoughts without having to make someone listen to me. I knew I wanted to write but no name for the blog, no idea how to describe it. I wanted people who would maybe read it but I wasn’t sure anybody would want to read what I wrote. You see, I am a scatter brain.

The first blogger to comment on my site was Dean’s world and I really thought he was encouraging me or had pretty bad taste. My friends Dennis, Kevin and Joy, my sister Nims, my fellow bloggers you have kept me wanting to make one more post. I kept writing and I can’t believe that someone has taken time to read and even follow. It has been and will be a journey that I take and be grateful for daily. Thank you for checking my blog out and for the amazing people that have encouraged me and advised me ( poetry and chocolate and books), I am and will always be grateful. Shukran sana. (Shukran means thank you and sana means very much in the Swahili language.)

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